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Nothing new to report. Still kinda treading water and figuring out what I’m doing with myself.

I’m fully booked for my Moogfest fest adventure and have 3.5 more weeks until I’m back in Asheville. My childhood summers were spent less than an hour away from there, so visiting there last time was like an spiritual recharge for me. Not to mention the fest itself has expanded to day panels and even more music than before. I’m beyond excited for this.

My head is reeling that a 1/4 of the year is already down! I’ve decided to make some goals to challenge myself to fulfill:

1) Finally get my driver’s license! Not having it is making me feel a little pathetic the older I get. Moving heavy things around is such an ordeal of calling in favors and/or waiting around for help instead of being able to do most of the carting around myself. It’s also knocked out a lot of the places I can visit since public transportation/cab prices are not as favorable as NYC in many other towns. It’s one of the last independence blockers for me. Gotta do it. I give myself a deadline of September 1st.

2) Get serious about being in shape. Last year, I was knocked way out of commission by my knee pains. Finally after months of hobbling around and dealing with new meds, I’m finally feeling close to my old self again. Now I just need to break all the sedentary bad habits I leaned on for coping with the hurting and shed some of these (very!) unwanted extra padding that crept up on me. I miss running around and being active. I need to get a lot more disciplined in that respect.

3) Jump start a creative project. I signed up for an online travel writing course at Matador and my output has been nothing so far. Ditto for the music I was working on with varying energy bursts last year. I need to commit to something and stay with it (this poor neglected blog included). I have so many ideas and finally need to let them live a little. Creative me is always the happiest version.

I think doing those three things will help my spring be interesting. I also need to do more arts stuff for myself (concerts, museums, movies) and unchain myself from desk a lot more. Baby steps though.

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