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The summer’s been a little hit or miss for me. I took a month after school ended to stare at the walls and vaguely think about my thesis project (not-tinkered with, but not forgotten either!) before giving in to the siren call of ad money and going back to doing what I mostly hate. What makes it frustrating is that I love digital and everything interactive associated (for the most part), but being a producer/PM is so draining. You’re a combo babysitter and mom, getting pulled and shit on from all sides, and getting zero credit for keeping the whole thing from exploding by the end. And then on to the next miserable project.

To combat my lovely work life, I’ve been jumping into all sorts of random stuff. Some of the most fun for me were watching my friends DJ yacht rock music on a Friday night sail around New York Harbor (a picture above). I didn’t know anyone there but them and was mostly in my own world, just listening and enjoying a nice night out on the water, but it was awesome. So relaxing after yet another draining week. Then Saturday night was off to Zebulon (a place I have such a love/hate relationship with. Brilliant bookings but some of the worst crowds and inattentive staff in Brooklyn) to see James Chance do a set that mixed his music and James Brown covers. It was totally fun, even if the actual start time was nothing to close to as advertised.

But now the summer’s winding down and I have to figure out my next move. My sublet is over at the end of September and I need to decide if I’ll find another or commit to a new place for real. I’ve been trying to motivate myself to consider December 31st as a de facto move deadline. West, across the pond, up North…I don’t care, I just need to be somewhere else by my next birthday.

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