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Good As Gold


Oh hey, first result on the second page of my name’s Google results! I guess that makes this not the best place to complain out my summer employment or classmate annoyances? Got it!
I can safely talk about how New York is heating up in only the way a place covered in concrete and steel will. Where you’re stuck underground waiting for a train to come and find your misery multiplied when you have that one slow bead of sweat making its way down your back. That’s the bad side. The good side is being able to walk around without 20 layers and hang around outside later and later. I had a fun trip to the Water Taxi Beach last Friday night and hanging out there listening to music with my friends was the best thing I did all weekend.
I’m finding myself slightly regretful that I’m missing all the fun stuff that goes on in the hot months, but then I think about when it’s August with a heat index of 105 and I can only keep vampire hours, I think I can live without it. 
Just found out today that Alex and the band are playing a cool sounding fest in Portugal, the weekend after I touch down in Europe. Hello, first side excursion!

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