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Are You Sharp Enough To Shine?


I’d been thinking of a blog revival for some time now. 

Life has been way better than my next to last post might indicate. School has emerged as fun once I was able to clear the past six and a half years of working insanely out of my brain a bit. I’m even going to Paris this summer to study video, walk around, and pinch myself because I’ll have finally made it to Europe. 
I’ve taken two great trips so far this year: the first was a long-needed vacation to Miami and then a cruise to the Bahamas with my buddies PrincessNella and Banana. I just hung out looking at beautiful water, feeling the sand on my feet, and having few cares in the world. I came back to New York so clear-headed and refreshed. Everything has been (mostly) awesome since. 
Approaching Stirrup Cap, Bahamas
Then I just came back Tuesday, half kicking and screaming from San Francisco/the Bay area. I visited the long-departed Fizzie and kicked it with him in the East Bay, making new friends out there. And also hung out in the city with my friend S (who just moved back there), wandering around town and marveling at the similarities (The Mission = Williamsburg) and differences (I felt way more unsafe in the Tenderloin than I’ve ever anywhere in NYC. Including the South Bronx). The highlight was definitely hanging out with B, as always too briefly. Chatting with him about the blog made me promise to be more active if only because he’s more stoked about it than anyone else ever. Except for maybe me, circa 2003. My biggest regret about the trip was only staying for 4 days — half of which I spent working on a paper (ended up with a B+). I was looking for cheap later flights up until I had to go to the airport. I’m definitely going to end up back there soon, especially if the fare specials keep going,
Mural In Haight-Ashbury
I’m on spring break at the moment, trying to motivate myself to work on projects for class and maybe something that can make the end of the semester show that my program puts on. It’s more than a little scary that I’ve got about six weeks until my first year of grad school is over and then 2 months before I’m jetting off to France. Time flies. 

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