Kitty Power

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Circlesquare – Dancers from Bienvenido Cruz on Vimeo.
I spent this year’s Hallmark holiday with my friend Banana at the movies. We sidestepped the ridiculous line to see He’s Just Not That Into You to see Taken. It was sufficiently fun and badass (though lacking the wonderful scene with the nails in the commercials) and that was almost enough to ease the bitterness of movie tickets being $12 nowadays. Now I remember why I go to the movie theater like once a year. Perhaps almost 28 is long enough to finally experience this movie date thing that other people seem to do. Obviously I’m doing something wrong. Afterwards, we successfully sidestepped couples grabbing burgers at a diner, then drinking at semi-divey Gramercy area bar. Good night overall.
I meant to go upstate for the day, keeping with my new getting out of town more often mantra, but that didn’t work out so well. Instead of cleaned out my fridge and danced around the house to reggae. Life is so exciting right now!

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