Kitty Power

You Can Be My Blazing Arrow

Happy New Year! I’ve basically been a sicky mess since then. I was on vacation for about a week and a half leading up to it and started the wild run early, so once it was time to go back to work, my body conked out on me.
New Year’s Eve is a bit of a blur for me. 2007 was a pretty insane year and I was happy to see the tail end of it. I spent the early part of the day scrambling to finish off shopping and cleaning and getting things done and failing miserably. And just when I thought I had enough to preoccupy me, yet another bombshell. ’07 was the year of “aww fuck, what’s next?” I was never allowed to get too comfortable before a seismic shift came along to stir up everything. It sucked, but I think I’m a better person on the other side.
And there I was at 11:30 on New Year’s Eve, surprising myself by wearing a party dress. I’d been wrangling with it since the dressing room the day before, still wondering if it wasn’t just a bit too short. It was fine in the front and sorta in the back as long as I didn’t bend over or sit down or something useful. And unlike some crazies I saw later in the night, I had tights to keep it all from being a little too drafty and indecent. To cap off a year I’d spent transforming away from minimalist and preferring to be unnoticed, I went with big hair and earrings and loved my reflection. I swilled cheap champagne and danced for the passively observing cat and waited for PrincessNella’s call and just felt totally relieved. I had made it through the loss of the hell job, being so sick and weak for a while there that I could barely get out of bed, all the dumb entanglements, and the horrible potential move to something like happiness and (partial) stability for the first time in forever. I buckled down and suffered, but I did it. I earned my fucking adult tag.
Midnight was me and PN and champagne and fireworks from the park. We just listened to music and kicked it for a while before we rallied to go out. Studio B was the destination for the second year, but this time, we didn’t kick around that long before she was off home and I was en route to the still patchy part of my night. But, I hear I was quite the dancer and I even made a friend to go off to another party with. Beforehand, I’d made an appointment to get cable installed on New Year’s Day, so imagine how unamused the cable guy was to hear me pleading for him to come back later with a techno background since I still wasn’t home at 11am. I stumbled out in the light feeling like a degenerate soon after, but still missed him because he called back while I was in the passed out part of my day. Good times. I even got a food delivery from Ms. Mommy with the affirmation that yes, my dress was too short. But hell, it looks different without tights is my final word on it.
I don’t really have any formal resolutions this year. Besides maybe be as good to people as they are to me, do the right thing, and curb the dickheads in my life. And stay healthy, but that’s more of a wish. I’ve already discovered that’s not much under my control. Oh, and I guess to write more here too, but I can’t make any promises.

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