Kitty Power

You Can Start Over

Mea culpa. I’m always disappearing lately.
Nothing to report really. Life working with the mothership has its ebbs and flows. I’m gearing up to move at the end of the year to my first solo place and worrying about saving right and what I’ll do with all the crap I’ve accumulated over the years. The cast/bandages are off and the ankles are a little crunchy, but at least I can dance again with only a bit of hobbling.
Over on my Facebook page, I’ve been building this photo album with some old pictures I unearthed when Helga was retired. Most of them are from senior year and the immediate time afterwards when everything was awesome and scary all at once. I’m constantly struck by how long ago it all seems. Sometimes I miss being filled with so much energy and piss and vinegar, but never feeling so awkward and unsure and hungry for any kind of experience that I could get. Looking back, I wasted a lot of time being passive and confused. Everything’s not perfect now by far but there’s something to be said for (mostly) feeling like my head’s on straight.
It’s kinda easy to ride the nostalgia train. It’s been almost a year since the infamous drink episode and about six months since I crushed The Boy’s ridiculous friends attempt. And I haven’t seen him in a wonderfully long time which sometimes makes me smile at the thought that he ceased to exist or something like that. Farmer’s my newish Facebook friend and I got floored at the news he’s going to be someone’s dad the other week. That’s just…wow. I figure Mr. Sailor is probably married and/or with kids now too. I laugh at how stupidly intense I felt for most of the stupid shit I used to mistake for love. It’s amusing the strange turns life can take sometimes.
At the moment, I’m just trying to have a good life and feel great. Sometimes a little solitary ambition does a girl good.

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