Kitty Power

You’ve Got Your Leather Boots On

The Sea and Cake, All The Photos
Depeche Mode, Something To Do (Black Strobe Remix)
DRS, Gangsta Lean
Cherelle, I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
Green Velvet, Answering Machine
Royksopp, Only This Moment
Aaron, formerly known as The Outer, is a very mean man. I told him last week that I was gearing up to see Green Velvet and he called me a nu-raver. Just…no. I swear, a girl goes to a few parties where they’re still spinning that goddamned “Never Be Alone” (let it die, fuckers, it’s like 3 years old now) and then she gets tarred by association. Pish. I’m actually going through a major house and techno phase. Three fave songs of the moment: “Shake and Pop;” Atjazz, “Love Someone;” and Andreas Kauffelt and Toby Izui, “The People.”
I originally had big music plans for the weekend, but I went to the Battles show Friday night and they were especially kickass, but it was kind of a series of misadventures. I won tickets from a contest, but missed the confirmation email by leaving work not minutes before and didn’t get to say I’d be there, so that ended up costing me $14. The show was originally supposed to be a doors @ 8, show @ 9 deal, but the concert got combined with the party/show that would’ve happened after it, so everything was pushed way later. First band went on at 11:30 as was finishing up as I was outside waiting to get in (no big loss). Then, the second came on at 12:30 and their set was just…a lot to ask at 1am. Not to say they were bad, it was just a bit too jarringly psychedelic noise rock for the middle of the night when you don’t know when you’re finally getting out of there. Not to mention, the in between set music was disjointed as hell. I was sitting down and tired by the time Battles came on, but it was really worth it. It might have been one of the best shows of theirs I’ve ever seen. But, it killed any urge I have to see another performance for like…a good week.

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