Kitty Power

Can It All Be So Simple

I still haven’t learned how to relax and accept that being home during the day — at least compared to never seeing the light hit this place except for on my way out in the morning — kinda rules. The streets around here are interesting. Old people, people with babies, and the stray kid and/or unemployed person like me. It’s fun being able to zip around so fast with hardly anyone in the lines and stuff. I almost feel like I have to retrain myself to stroll along leisurely and not let the four walls close in on me. I haven’t been doing park stuff like I should, but exercise DVDs are my new guilty pleasure. Man, if I stay home another week or two, I’m going to be super buff.
The weekend was actually a strangely good one. Friday night, met up with Banana and we tried to do the artsy rounds before we settled on this bar in the western reaches of Soho with $6 well drinks in a pint glass. It was like heaven. They also had a gang of menus so we could order in stuff (wings and nachos, yum). It was just a fun kinda cheap night shooting the shit with randoms which is always good. We made a detour to visit Justin spinning at 419 before going home and passing out.
Imagine my surprise Saturday morning to get a query about brunch from the boy of all people. That was some interesting timing. Curiosity got the better of me and I agreed, which turned into a seven hour adventure of chatting and wandering around the nabe. I made it to a First Saturday for the second time in over two years. It was a little awkward for me, but we got along. He’s (admittedly) been storing up things to tell/ask me about for the past six months, so I guess it was like Christmas for him. I’m still on the fence. I tried to hang with the ex-coworkers for a bit that night, but awkward feelings sent me running across Williamsburg to this other party the boy had told me about. I indifferently watched him with his new flavor of the night and lost myself dancing and trying to melt in the little room everyone was crammed in. I went home alone, feeling good, and got up earlyish the next day to plow through my room. (Three days later, it’s still going.) I spent Easter with Alafairnadia and friends drinking bubbly and eating good food.
The boy kinda wants to be bffs or something and I’m going to decline to overthink something for once and just go with it until it becomes a bad situation. Knowing him, it won’t take long. I might still hate him a little bit under the shiny surface. Still, we saw Grindhouse (oh man, it rules! But everyone rushed for the bathroom when it was over. You really have like a 2-second potty window in between the movies.) together Monday night and that was fun. And he even inspired me to reconnect with Farmer. So the grand experiment is already good for something.


  1. i can’t believe you’re still rockin egyptian lover. i also can’t believe i’ve never once seen shalamar up on that list. for shame.

  2. I’m not…but if I was, what’s wrong with that? New stuff I’m listening to coming soon. And thanks for reminding me that I need more Shalamar in my life.