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My Valentine
Birthday in less than 17 days! Despite my love of the countdown, this year feels like a non-event for me.
I’m marginally amused that I’m not doing much to uncomplicate my life, despite a nice little run of quiet I had there. Of all the boys in NYC that I could have a) a crush on and b) want me for…something besides my big, entertaining brain, it would have to be roommates. Ugh. Extracting myself from that situation with no one but me (and you, my delightful non-them readers) knowing about it is going to be interesting. Good thing I was playing Girl Scout for a while there because it’ll be a lot easier since nothing’s gone on all around. I don’t really want to bother with either of them. A girl would like to be surprised and swept off her feet for a change. That’s not happening with either of them.
In many ways, I’m pretty much mentally checked out of the city. As it stands, I’m either finding something new to do that’s awesome and well-paying or staying where I’m at working up towards a move in the spring. Top 3 destinations: LA, DC, or SF with LA being the front runner. But I’m starting to downplay that since the idea is making (almost) everyone I know foam at the mouth. To answer the inevitable “why?!” I’m getting from everyone, I just want a change of scenery. It might be millions strong, but it seems like my little hometown more times than not and I’m at a place where I’d rather miss it. It’s starting to feel clastrophobic. Either everything I remember comes rushing back when I go certain places or I end up feeling down because so much has changed. And there’s the constant turning a corner and seeing a HS or college person, a failed date, a former coworker, some random I met once at 2am in a backroom. I want to go where I don’t have such a layered history. Just for a little while. And if I hate it, the city will always take me back.


  1. come live in Chicago! winter is is just about done…after it nearly froze my boogers off.

  2. You know, that’s not a bad idea. The rent’s cheap at least and they do believe in public transportation. David and I should do an apt exchange!

  3. don’t do it! (moving, I mean)

  4. GO! GO! GO! I need people to visit!

  5. I mean i don’t think moving out of nyc is a good idea…but if you really really really wanted to, chicago’s a tad better than LA (just IMHO)