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Same Old Trip It Was Back Then

I’ve been listening to a lot of 90s music. Tis strange. A kid at work has been blasting decade themed music every Friday lately and I requested grunge and C+C Music Factory for the other day. Listening to 90s stuff makes me feel like an angsty kid again. Strange how those songs just bring all the weirdness back. Good thing this was nostaglia week I suppose.
I’m kinda upset about work. I feel like the situation is getting worse and it frustrates me to feel like I’m basically in the same position as last year, except halfway in the poor house because of the paycut. Adulthood blows. PrincessNella and I are masterplanning a trip for March again. The main draw for Miami is lessened a bit this year, so maybe California this time around. I’ve got a little under six weeks to get my license — I’ve decided that since my learner’s permit (shut up, I grew up three blocks from the subway and they didn’t do driver’s ed in my Manhattan high school) is expiring, I’m going to get a damned license instead of being embarrassed by renewing the fucking thing — so maybe we can even tool around in a rental. I promise to avoid crazy LA drivers and fire hydrants.
A rather bizarre thing in my world right now is modern technology (yes, as all encompassing and vague as that is). I feel like I’m getting more socially inept as I get more connected to things. Recently, I’ve been friended by these DJs I see a fair amount out and about since I’m on their mailing lists and they play the shit I like to hear and all. And they’ve been vaguely communicating with me via these technological things and for me it’s like “well, now what?” I’m strangely too chickenshit to bridge the gap and being a known unknown freaks me out. Dilemma, dilemma.
In a fit of randomness, I ended up swept back into the Sapph scene tonight. Crazy C and her ragtag bunch of friends. Being around them makes me amazed at my lack of a drug addiction. The super blast from the past was The Brit and his brother. His brother is a nutter and he’s so obsessed with my laugh. He makes me feel self-conscious, especially since he has a totally different picture of what went on with me and The Brit than what did (which I’m sure he didn’t try to set straight). Speaking of him, we didn’t speak at all. It’s been a year and a half damned near and we barely know each other anymore at this point. The episode was fairly painless. How different my past year + would’ve been if I’d had some barely worth recording flirtation that never got off the ground with the boy. But, as I thought to myself bitterly one day, the wrongs are always the easy ones to catch and the hard ones to throw away.

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  1. me + you + sapph + a massive coke bender = a rockin good time!!!