Kitty Power


I don’t know if I can muster up the attention span to do mega-end/beginning of the year roundups like I used to. I’ve had shit sitting in draft for weeks with no end in sight, so I’m throwing in the towel on them. Last year was rough. I feel that much has been obvious around here. In some areas, I’m more distant and unfocused than ever and in others, stuff is/has come together in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. Everything needs work though and I’m just trying to keep some sort of upward trajectory going.
I could list my regrets for days, but at least I really felt like an active participant in my story for the first time in too long. Everyone’s annoyed at me for slowing the output here down to a crawl, but if it’s a slight comfort, the less I’m writing here, the more I’m out there actually living. I need more of a balance this year.
Anyhoo, the resolutions:
01. Move
02. Ask for help
03. Rebuild my nest
04. Get the savings in better shape
05. Leave the past in the past
06. Stop neglecting my site
07. See one secret creative project to fruition
08. Go easier on myself
09. Kill the inner control freak
10. Have more fun

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