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They Got The Steely Dan T-Shirt

I’m such a lady, but I’m dressing like a ho….aurgh! Shoot me. No more VMA clips. I’m a little amused by the resurrection of Timbersnake. It only makes me feel worse for my real ‘Nsync fave, JC. Dude doesn’t stand a chance in the pop world at the moment. He’d be better off doing some random ass XLR8R-approved techno/electro collabo and trying to recast himself as hipster avant garde.
Banksy v. Paris: video | flickr set | news article. Maybe it just makes an asshole but I think you almost deserve to get a doctored version with “That’s Hot” on a megaloop if you actually purposely go out to buy a Paris CD. [via Abe]
Interview snippet:

10. What do you think of laptop DJs?
Its whatever, I dont think anyone likes seeing someone checking their Myspace profiles for new messages from hot girls during a set.
If youre gonna act like a performer, then do something magical.
Laptop DJs should be hidden in a black box because its distracting and very unflattering what they are trying to do.

I’ve been having more than a few moments lately (especially when I start to think about the upcoming new apartment hunt) when I think it might be fun to pick up and go somewhere new. And then I remember I can’t drive and/or speak more than the basics of a foreign language and that I’m broke and then that nips itself in the bud. And then I had one of those “it can only happen here!” couple of days and I really forget about that.
Thursday night, I left work and went downstairs to the boy’s lair. We’re friends it the moment…I guess. I’m just the type of person prone to silly entanglements, but I’m trying to get better. (In an aside, I’ve decided to blame my guy friends for that. Besides them giving me mostly ineffectual advice, I must be the only girl in NY with a horde of attached guy friends who know nothing but…other attached guys. What are the fucking odds for fuck’s sake?! Since I’m left to my own devices, all I’ve got is recycling and the internet. le sigh.) We palled around about dumbo, then went to the birthday party for this band guy I used to harass the hell out of. The boy intro’d me with a “you remember Candice…” and I got the unsure blink of recognition, but at least he didn’t say “you’re the bitch who used to get on my nerves!” I might have if the situation was reversed.
Everyone at the party besides me and a handful of people were giants. I’m about average height, so it’s very strange to be somewhere that 95% of the crowd is 5’10″+. It makes me wish I had a spare pair of heels stashed in my bag to at least be in the same atmosphere as everyone else. One of the other shorties was this random who was very weird. She and the boy are friends of friends and they were chattering away. She looked at me once like “are you lost?” and then again after some time had passed like “’re not going away…” What did I do? Well…nothing. I was drinking and passing the time, I didn’t really feel any way about her besides amusement. When he wandered away for some reason, she gave me the grilling (why do they do that?!) and I was pretty blase. She perked up when I said I lived in the Heights and she dropped that her boyfriend lived a block over from me on Lincoln. Well…bully for him. Soon after, she poofed and I’ll admit I got a slight thrill dropping to the boy about her bf living in my hood. He kinda visibly deflated. I might have hid a snicker. Good times. But, some good advice: let’s just avoid the hero at 3am, even if someone else is paying. It’ll just make you feel bad the next day. Seriously.
Saturday night, I was representing for the office at a coworker’s DJ gig. Also there was this guy we work with that I had a crush on until I realized a) we’ll always be working together, so it’s to my best interest not to be that into him b) he resembles a young Tom Cruise circa Risky Business and reminds me of how much I always hated that guy with his dead eyes and chicklet teeth. Poof! Crush gone. Biggest thrill of the night was hearing “Sweet Freedom” and then spazzing with the DJ partner about how much we love Michael McDonald and how a yacht rock mix would be the sweetest thing ever. Yacht Rock…bringing people together. Also, being at a party in Williamsburg with the ’06 crowd of FOA hipsters made me feel like I was 40 years old. Deliverance now!
Alafairnadia and I took in a show at the shores of the Gowanus Sunday afternoon. I love shows in random ass places. We heard good music, got a new DJ hero, and even got to see Justin…though saying hi almost got me a broken foot. Ouch. Amusement was making a bathroom line friend by talking shit about how slow the people in front of us were and running down how we and others reacted in other lines. Kids gotta get their kicks where they can I guess.

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  1. I love having new DJ heroes … :)