Kitty Power


The “it’s not like I have something else better to do” edition.
I might be the last person to jump on the YouTube bandwagon, but there’s an 80s videos playlist. Oh hell fucking yeah! It’s like VH1 Classic, but not having to leave the room to watch. Awesome!
There’s something pretty damned cool about saying: Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia! The performance itself was pretty much only interesting for the incredulity of seeing a choreographed pimps and hoes tableau and Taraji Henson (terrible dress aside) singing her ass off like “yeah, that’s right. I’m singing the hook. Who cares if I may never make it to this stage again?!” Plus it’s good to see some non-coached to the point of barely showing any emotion winners for a change.
Spin band of the day: Man Man!
Things are…interesting lately over on the nabe site. The two topics are pretty similar to me really with the whole junior Crimestopper, vaguely crusaderish “teach him a lesson!” strain going through them. Total powderkeg in my opinion.

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