Kitty Power

Maybe Your Baby Done Made Some Other Plans

The neighborfriend girls and I have been conferring about the shark-like atmosphere that seems to exist in some of our neighborhood haunts. The dudes tend to be aggressively on the prowl for single girls when they nine times out of ten are definitely not single themselves. It’s just an annoying extra layer of questioning you have to endure. “Do you have a significant other…in any and every technicality we could think of? Is there some person that would be potentially upset to see us here together?” People who use the semantics game to do lies of omission really bug the fuck out of me. And then there’s the curious case of the unabashed two-timers like this guy who frequents the local and I’ve seen numerous times making out with one of the waitresses. One day when I said the waitress is his girl, Alafairnadia corrected me with “nah, it’s someone different. They come here together all the time.” Hanging out with your girl where your other girl works? Erm, that’s some Ricki Lake shit. Sorry. I think I just inherently don’t like those who are having their cake and eating it too. They’re just being selfish and greedy. Ooh…look at me, the moralist. Not quite. I just don’t like overt sleaze.
Anyhoo…Farmer and I have mended fences. Or rather, he stopped being a dick and I gave him the “you’re on my shit list” attitude, but things are swimming along again as well as they ever are I suppose. In his bipolar way, he magically reappeared on my buddy list and in our brief little chat, he let me know that he was coming back to town soon. I was a little underwhelmed honestly and imagine my surprise getting a phone call from him 10:30pm the next night all “hey, I’m in Queens. Can I stay with you?” I grred and cursed, but ultimately caved and we had a nice little visit once I got the gruffness out of my system and started to laugh at Team America. He’s moving back to NYC and looking for a place. I randomly IMed with the boy on Saturday when I was bored and saw him pop up. He doesn’t know my SN though because er, why and he’s mostly in the dark about the various internet activities of mine. And I actually forgot to say who I was also. Shame on me. He said he’s looking for a place also. He and Farmer should room together. What an odd couple! But it would at least give me a definite destination to avoid…for a minute anyways.


  1. I plead drunkeness?
    also, the sketchy dudes are … so sketchy these days. did you-know-who begin an incredibly bizarre “let me kiss your cheek” sequence on friday night? DODGY. did he cough over the word girlfriend?
    did the other you-know-who not just say straight-up “I love my girlfried, but I want to fuck you”?
    I’m so done right now. SO GODDAMN DONE. except for that whole sex and loneliness thing. motherFUCKERS.

  2. Heh yeah. I’m living in a glass skyscraper here! But, I think what bothers me most is the sheer fumbling lack of brains and skill. Everything just self-perpetuates because everyone involved is too…lacking to do anything else. It’s all just real sorry.