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It’s Like That

All year, I’ve been telling myself that I would get my shit together and submit a proposal for the Pop Conference. Everyone made it sound so fun last year! And I had a topic I thought was pretty meaty (Trapped In The Closet and the mainstream success of the chitlin circuit) and have been definitely not shy about music punditry over the internets — as poor Anthony‘s email box can confirm. But in typical form, the deadline’s fast approaching and of course, I haven’t written anything yet to send off. Oops. I think I’ll go anyway though. I’ve never been to Seattle and I will ask probing questions and/or jeer for kicks. The meantime, I’ll try not to let dumb things elevate my pressure and try to hold back the “eat a dick” in correspondence. After all, my (forthcoming) list o’ 2006 resolutions includes see at least one creatively satisfying idea through and stop selling myself short. As harsh as I’ll ever be on anyone, I’ve always been my worst critic.
In case the title doesn’t make it obvious (or perhaps the album on the sidebar), I’ve surrendered to Mariah for the moment. I haven’t really hated her like I did in elementary school when I cursed “the annoying bitch hitting the stupid notes only dolphins can hear” in forever — I even bought the #1s collection thingy in Discorama some years back for $6.99 I believe. The songs I’ve heard so far — the singles really — have caught my ear (well except for the latest one), but watching her videos really bother the fuck out of me. The desperation is usually wafting off the screen. She’s always preening like a horse (show my left side! left side!) and usually wearing something real questionable. In the last video, was that her soccer outfit from when she was in junior high? Just no. Or maybe I just secretly still hate her and a few catchy JD productions isn’t making me feel otherwise. That’s what I suspect.

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  1. dude, submit the proposal.
    and yeah, seattle is AMAZING. stay in capitol hill.