Kitty Power

It Ain’t Easy Having The Attention Span of A Flea

Work. Sucks. I don’t think I’ve left the office before 7 in almost 2 weeks.
I got interviewed for the paper about my neighborhood and talked the poor man’s ear completely off. If I get more than a quote or two, I’ll definitely link it.
My favorite line in a music review this week: “He appears in the CD booklet’s foldout poster in a suave love-man poseā€”slit-eyed, shirtless, with rippling washboard abs and a goatee whose lustrous sheen could only have been achieved with the aid of professional landscapers.” Second best line: “Give this guy a ceiling mirror and a vat of baby lotion and he’ll be set for the night.”
Jamie Lidell’s gonna be at the M3 Summit! Holla! If they can get Tiga on a bill, then it really would be golden.
A quotable that would never make Overheard In New York:
The Doctor: But why would you have casual sex with multiple partners?
The Patient: Erm….because it’s fun?

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