Kitty Power

Musical Notations

The only thing I can think to write about at the moment is that MT says I have no comments because it’s smoking crack, but I’ve got special whitelisting, so less comment approval work for me…yay! Ugh…I’m a fucking internet addicted geek, so let’s be random and talk about music instead.
Question: If a Prefuse show happens and I didn’t care enough to think about it, does it make a sound?
Man, we’re just not feeling the new Tiga. And we were waiting pretty impatiently for that. Boo. It actually might be too 80s. Who would’ve thought that was a bad thing? But, we like the new song and the flasherrific site.
I’m the bitch of VH1 Soul and VH1 Classics. Songs I’ve been sorta embarassedly singing along to for the past week or so: Crosby, Stills, & Nash, “Southern Cross”‘ (yeah, man, I know…) and the hook to “Heard ‘Em Say” (even though I hate nasal ass whathisname. He’s like sub-Timberfake. The dude gets zero respect). But, if I see “I Should Have Cheated” one more time, I’m gonna lose it. I’m already turning the channel when it comes on. I don’t like that chick and her stupid X-Men hair.
We’re angry at Bill. All this time and no Jamiroquai post?! Was our bringing him to the concert in vain? Bill hath forsaken us!
Go check out Anthony’s Top 50 of ’05 in progress. He’s smoking that fine vintage crack (Lohan? Crazy Frog? That truly terrible Trina song? Akon = “One of the few popular singers these days with a great voice and a penchant for restraint????” No, no, no, no!) But he’s got pictures and it’s funny.
An awesome (though that seems like a strange choice of words) article about the people caught up in the Lennon shooting 25 years ago. That should be way more than a Yahoo music blip.

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