Kitty Power

Like I Give A Shit

On my shitlist today is CBS for interrupting the last 10 mins of As The World Turns to talk about the NYC contingency plan in case of the strike Friday. And I’m pissed because frankly, most people sitting around watching soaps on a weekday afternoon don’t give a fuck. Like for example, ME! Save it for the nightly news, assholes!
And then there’s my neighbors — the building next door, our apartments share a wall and windows face across the alley. I got greeted by the sounds of a baby nonstop crying totally out of the blue last week about midnight. It’s like they sat the brat right next to the wall or something! And then I got the extra special Sunday morning treat of Lite FM at 9am. I am not down with being up for 20 hours and then having to deal with Shania Twain where I can’t break the radio into a million little pieces. Oh, what was I doing up at that time of day, you ask? Well, I got back from Rubulad at 6ish and I was just..erm, hanging out..*cough* The fact of the matter is: I hate them and I want to leave a nasty note in their mailbox. Or bang on the wall in anger. Or engage in sonic warfare. Grr.


  1. dude. sonic warfare.

  2. When my downstairs neighbors are fighting (read: the wife is screeching yet again) I always want to bang a broom handle on the floor like the crotchety old lady I am.