Kitty Power


Drunkies, just say no to fucking on the street! Because look what you get: your face on the cover of the NY Post. Hello, go find a bar bathroom at least. Sheesh. Kids nowadays. Her parents must be so proud. But, they should really because she could be a “pin up” whore like all the “cool” kids are doing nowadays. Thanks for giving them initiative to top you, chick.
Bill‘s doing his thing over at the music blog. One of my most fave songs from 702 (LV represent!) plus a “look how fly he used to be” style post on DeVante, the Jodeci obsession of a former friend from high school.
There’s only one place in the city that I plan to be Thursday night. That would be bouncing between the bar area and the turntables at this joint:

Hello, I’m an obsessive! That’s what I do!

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