Kitty Power

I’m Not A Racist, But My Gaysian Roommate Is!

A million apologies. Too much stuff is going on lately.
The title refers to two things — one slightly amusing, the other not especially — to do with the DH forums. The other day was a topic bruhaha over this article from the Daily News. Not surprisingly, a topic like that devolved fairly quickly and me, having a pretty slow day at work and jumping in the fray, got called a racist for my trouble. Jigga wha? It actually really pissed me off because it’s very frustrating to be up against an ass who will twist even the smallest, most obvious thing into an attack you. Fuck that though. Sticks and stones and whatever. I was amused though that I ran to Farmer over IM like “ohmigod, some asshole called me a racist? I’m not a racist, right?!” a la “please, white friend, comfort me and tell me it’s okay!” Heh.
The second thing is that Cupcake mistakenly thought that Ant was gay, right on the heels of someone else asking me the same thing recently. I was telling him about the big R word being thrown at me and he suggested that I write back to the dude that “I’m not a racist, but my gaysian roommate is!” And I figured it blog-worthy.
Blah. Some things you just gotta be there for.


  1. Actually, Andy thought your roommate was gay and I just do what the site admin tells me, plus I saw no reason to disagree. Maybe if you could pull him away from his career as a spammer and get him to a Happy Hour, we could see for ourselves.
    PS I can’t believe you listed a Jamie Cullum song below. That is exactly one step away from Jason Mraz.

  2. Well, that’s random…he’s never even met the guy!
    And notice: that’s a cover of “Frontin.” For the record, I like exactly 2 Jamie Callum related songs, that one and his selection with John Oates on the Handsome Boy Modelling School record. I don’t even know what kind of songs he usually sings!

  3. If you like Jason Mraz do a Google search for “Ryanhood Music” and checkout their Forward CD. My personal favorite is titled Army and it’s not about Uncle Sam! They recently opened for Mraz in AZ and even rang in this past new year at Fiddleheads on Long Island. They remind me a lot of Simon and Garfunkel back in their early innocent days but they have their own style to be sure! They also offer lengthy streaming audio samples with lyrics from every track on their 3 CD’s at their website. It’s at