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The greatest thing today is my Zen on random play. It’s pretty much the only nod I have in the regular to my KISS-FM listening roots. It’s like my player has a mind of its own that says, “fuck the Dabrye and Man Man for one day, please. We’re playing Silk, Avant, and Babyface all day because we can!” Yes, my mp3 player is jam-packed with Quiet Storm booty-smacking jams. And what?
I was complaining to Bill that I got this email from some freaking random, all conversational-like providing me with links to go hear their music. No thanks, Mr. Random. I don’t actually give a crap about your music because I don’t plan on posting it. Do I look like a music blogger to you? This blog is me, me, me with a dash of my interactions with other people and things delighting/pissing me off. (Notice the theme?) How the hell do they get my email address anyways? Gah.
We’re working a big old post about our fun weekend. Go see Dave in the meantime with an amusing random post about having a penguin mini-me. Tick, tick, tick goes someone’s clock. We’d be beginning to suspect that Farmer is secretly trafficking those wacky lollipops in the Prospect Heights area if only he wasn’t in Chicago at the moment. Who knows what he could’ve gotten up to before going though.


  1. How about if we chip in and buy daveb a half dozen Jumbo Grade A Eggs from the Met on Vanderbilt to sit on? I bet you something hatches.

  2. Oh haha…I’m not going to touch that one! But, I’ll laugh.
    Erm, I just noticed both of my last posts referenced babies and biological clocks. Someone who can’t fertilize eggs needs to hold me and reassure me that it’s just a fluke.

  3. umm.. you do realize that you have your email address on the page… that’s how those peoples get your email addy, yo!

  4. Oh pish, Bill. Don’t ruin my self-righteous fury with your common sense!

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