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I Eat Pies From London To NY

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Been off alternating between busy and lazy while getting prickly and quo tedon the internets. New stuff TK for real.
Meanwhile, September’s music heavy rotation includes:

Brandy – The Ritual (Chateau Flight Remix)
Dry & Heavy – Dawn Is Breaking
Asian Dub Foundation – P.K.N.B. (Dry And Heavy Connection Dub)

Why yes, I am only listening to Chateau Flight (and friends) and dub right now. With 50 Cent and EPMD popping up on the playlist too. But CMJ starts this week and I’m all set to go to the Ace Fu Showcase Wednesday and DFA Showcase Thursday. I haven’t really given the schedule a good look, but something else is sure to pop up. I’m going a little show crazy in the next couple of months, currently headed to Jamiroquai, Jamie Lidell/Four Tet, and Nine Inch Nails. Seriously.
Have I mentioned yet that I love this time of year? It just started and I’ve been going out and dancing and *gasp* actually having a good time already. And I have more things to do all lined up and stuff. Craziness. The fun music thing is where I shall focus the September pasttime attentions. Everything else is just a little too…much right now.

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  1. I thought there we made an agreement about the busy and lazy rotations…

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