Kitty Power

Working Hard Or You Know The Rest

Fizzie: yesterday i hit on a 40 year old lady
Fizzie: she was fine, tho
Jamirakid: unless she was like halle berry/vivica fox, doubt it!
Jamirakid: ;)
Fizzie: um
Fizzie: think more like lynne whitfield
Jamirakid: she’s older than 40, pushing 50 :)
Fizzie: oh, whatever
Fizzie: hahaha
Jamirakid: i actually did think of her first
Jamirakid: but then i was like “wait..too old”
Fizzie: so then, just knock a couple years off her, and that’s where we’re at
Fizzie: all i know is that old lady had BODY
Fizzie: i was like, daaaaaaaaaang
Jamirakid: LOL
Jamirakid: heh. you might end up blogged today!
Fizzie:: hahaha
Fizzie: that’s some funny shit
Fizzie: ay
Fizzie: ……………..
Fizzie: i’d stick it to lynne whitfield too
Jamirakid: haha

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