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To tide you over until I get some time to spill on Monday’s swaggerrific fun, a celeb sighting:
I work in Chelsea/Garment District, so every once in a while I see folks. Did I see Rufus Wainwright with his flip flops in the winter time heading towards the Chelsea Hotel? Indeed. Was that Rob Zombie I spied crossing towards Whole Foods one day? You know, I’m still not sure…his hair wasn’t caked with gook and he looked like a regular white guy with not bad dreads.
Anyhoo, on Thursday evening, I was leaving my job and running late for a meeting. I exit out the freight door and almost run smack into a little guy (like my size) and his walking companion. They’re chatting on and on about some project or another and he’s ultratheatrical. I let them go past and I end up walking behind them. The guy keeps looking at his friend while he’s talking and I realize I recognize the profile. Internal process: “Ohmigod…it’s Freddie’s date rapist from a Different World! Man, I loved that episode! Oh wait…okay, he’s been in more stuff. Holy fuck…it’s Bruce Leroy! I’ve got to call Fizzie!” I was stuck behind them for a good block and as soon as they disappeared, called up Fizzie with the news. He squealed when I told him and I revealed the ultraembarassing Richard Grieco story (which is unblogged I believe). Good times, good times. (Check out this thread on IMDB. Brings the funny for real.)

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