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I knew I felt some sort of kinship with the hood from the start. Not only does the area itself have a mini-Curbed, but the folks who used to live in our place are bloggers too. That fact I discovered playing cyberdetective hoping to find some contact info to send them some important mail. Shouts to Josh and Miyuki in Japan! The internet…making the world go round.
Speaking of Curbed, I’m sad to read that Tupelo is closing. When Ant, PrincessNella, and I thought we had the Astoria thing in the bag, we went there to hang out and imagined making it a local spot. Ah well.

Naughty Girl by Beyonce

“Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl
I’m callin all my girls
We’re gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body”
2004 was your year! You felt sexy as hell – and it showed.


  1. “mini-Curbed”! Thanks… now we have a new tagline. Since you’re ProHo too, don’t forget to send us story ideas (or write your own).

  2. Damn it…Tupelo was the only decent bar in Astoria. Now what?

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