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Massive update over on the Prefuse 73 news page. Woo…new album! A song on the regular radio too! (Too bad…I don’t listen to that shit.) And also, he’s DJing at Northsix this Sunday the 31st though it’s not mentioned on there. I found that out in the bathroom last night during the Man Man show.
Straight gold from today’s Gawker Stalker:

sat next to busta rhymes on a flight from dallas to jfk on sunday. he was seated in coach because there was only one seat left in first class. Busta had to give it to his body guard because he couldn’t fit into the coach seats. Ended up getting in an altercation with his rapper friend (flip squad or something or other?) because he was talking VERY dirty to a lady he had courted on the plane. when i told him i could over hear his whole conversation (comeplete with “i’d like to stick my nine incher in you”), he got angry. He called busta over, only to draw more attention to the scene. i eventually got scared and apologized (hey, i’m a small white 19 year old girl…). busta then seemed more friendly but also seemed to think i like it “rough” and have “chains and whips and shit.” it was a long flight.

Same old music meme with a helping of snark over at Feminste.
My thoughts echoed exactly over on the FT: Black Actors thread:

I’m looking forward to the HBO production of Lakawanna Blues with a powerhouse cast of Mos Def, Charlayne Woodard, Ernie Hudson, Rosie Perez, Terrence Howard, Delroy Lindo, [Macy Gray!!!!!!??WTF???!!], Louis Gossett Jr., Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Wright, Carmon Ejogo, Rueben Santiago-Hudson, Henry Simmons, Jimmy Smitts and the tragically underused S. Epatha Merkerson.

Try to find the person who just DOES NOT FUCKING BELONG. I’m not giving any hints, so you’re going to have to put on your thinking caps for this one.

And news from the comments: The Art of Shooting playing Thursday February 3rd at KP fave (cider on tap rulez!), Mercury Lounge with A Place To Bury Strangers, PS, and Astronaut.
Plus the best comment ever [c/o Dip Dip Dive]:

Yancey, I have a theory here. You live in New York. You have a glamorous job at emusic. You get to go to special critics-only events like Big & Rich at CBGB. You probably ride a winged unicorn to work. You don’t need a movie about graceful flying ninjas in beautiful billowy bathrobes falling in love with each other, since that’s, what, your life, right? I live in freezing-ass dirty Baltimore and take the bus to work and just had to argue with my landlord over whether I could keep my dog, so I needed a movie like that. Oh, and the last two movies I saw before it were Napoleon Dynamite and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, so, you know, garbage is relative.


  1. Hey Candice!
    Thanks for linking us and hugging me when we see each other briefly in public.
    Oh, and we have a show coming. If you’d like to come see it, and not pay “THE PRICE”, let me know. I’ll list you up sugar shoes.
    I can’t offer the world, or even gurantee that my guitar will work, but I can save you $8 on unsigned entertainment.
    Thursday February 3rd
    Mercury Lounge
    W/ (Oh hell yes this is my fav. band right now)
    A Place To Bury Strangers
    and Astronaut
    If you come, I promise some snuggle.

  2. Hey macy gray was good in training day

  3. When she was playing that shady crackhead? Not really a stretch plus she was there for like 2 mins. She sucked in Spiderman playing herself. That tells you something right there.
    And Kelly, check your email.

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