Kitty Power

Ho Hum


It’s funny that I’ve moved onto bigger and better things yet they’ve still got me on their mind. Get a life, fellas! Relax, relate, release.
ETA: Blog beef is so boring because I’m really too pretty to be wasting my time bullshitting with trolls on the internet. Especially since this is the only arena they have to prove what big men they are, which just makes them pathetic. I even rose to the bait and submitted a nasty email — and I’m not even sorry. You push me too much, you’re gonna hear from me. Even corny motherfuckers get put on blast. I’m no one’s pushover and psuedoesoteric blather doesn’t impress me.
But, let me drop it once and for all, given that my main gripe is that they beat that poor dead horse until it’s doubly deceased. They’re ruining my good mood and drinking focus. Fuck off and die, for reals. Kisses.


  1. it’s a little confusing to people who don’t follow this religiously like I unfortunately do, but he’s linking to you as an attempt to parody Exo, not diss you.
    And the mocking is really funny, IMO.

  2. Hmm…whatever.

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