Kitty Power

The Eyes Spied


Typical for me, the most interesting things that happened to me in LA were all on the random side. Let’s get the star sightings out the way.
At The Grove on two seperate days: you may know him as Lex’s dad on Smallville, but to me, he’ll always be The Devil. Tall, thin, salt and pepper hair, beard, looking like he was off to pick up a tent from Patagonia for the camping trip; and one of my old fave VJs (6’4″?! Yeah right, Imdb! I’m barely 5’5″ and I’ll give him like 6′ tops.) with this guy who gave me the nastiest look when I did the sighting double take.
At Segal, I noticed him when he double taked me (god knows why). Later when I was trying to navigate my way through that damned maze of a women’s section (What is up with that store? Way too complicated for me. From box to box to box. I don’t get it.), I strolled into the Cosabella room and came face to face with her. Again, 5’5″ my ass, Imdb! She was the palest little 5′ I’ve ever seen. I started looking at things and talking with the sales girl while she went into the fitting room. Did you know I’m a freak and had to get the biggest size tops they had? Isn’t that interesting? Rose came out and I went in and gagged. She dropped a serious bomb in there! I breathed super shallow until the smell dispersed and I could make my exit. I kinda smile/smirked when I ran into her at some other little box before heading off on my merry way.
As I stood to do check-in at the airport for my return trip, he was strolling through. Imagine my surprise when we were on the same flight. I also loved how he got himself a seat facing the center walkway so you couldn’t pass him without thinking “isn’t that…?” Oh, those vain celebrities!


  1. does JL look as sickly in person as he does in the IMDB photo? Cause i nearly confused him for Marc “Corpse” Anthony.
    and where the hell are you? why arent you at work so I can ask you this directly?

  2. Yeah that is a terrible pic up there. He didn’t look so bad in person, pretty healthy actually. Just shortish, but that goes without saying.

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