Kitty Power

Ho Hum

*whisper* Can I go back on vacation? Or can we at least speed up this end of year thing and bring on the holidays? Work is fucking torture for real. I’m starting to feel again like I did before I left, i.e. frowny and hating everything. I’m still heavily into “LA was awesome!!!” mode and have more comments and pictures to give y’all, but being stuck at work all freaking day all week is an energy zapper and sucks my invisible nuts.
And Fizzie is gone! Wah! And men are clowns…and I’m a silly little clown myself. But on the flip side, I get to run the town with Alex and he’s going to help me be less of a bumbling fool. And the kids and I put down a deposit on a massive ass place in Astoria (cross your fingers!). So, unless someone up there hates me, stuff’s going to work out fine. Plus this wretched year is almost over. I’m glad about that.

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