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From the BSing on the company’s dime files (You know we need a vacation when the fucking gym and exercise is a hot topic):
Jamirakid: i can’t decide if i want to be bad and get some mcd’s. man would that taste good!
Jamirakid: i’ll do an extra few mins on the elliptical and make myself do 30 push ups!
Jay: hehe i had that yesterday. ive been wanting a sub for like a week now but im cold and think hot food would be a better choice
Jay: ooh push ups! im strictly a crunches girl
Jamirakid: oh i do those already
Jamirakid: i’m up to 75! woo!
Jay: :) when i do them i do 500 in sets of 50
Jamirakid: hehe
Jamirakid: i use the machine. it makes it hard and fun
Jay: the operative phrase of course is ‘when i do them’
Jamirakid: natch
Jay: i use the machine but i dont like it. i feel like im cheating
Jamirakid: anyhoo, need pushups
Jamirakid: gotta strenghten the arms. they’re kinda beefy though slimmer
Jay: heh
Jamirakid: i think that sums me up in general (mentally and according to my mean mom): beefy, but slimmer
Jay: ha ha youre a beefy lean
Jamirakid: totally
Jamirakid: like veal
Jamirakid: i can go around saying “i’m only a little cow”
Jay: lol youre a calf!
Jamirakid: yep!
ETA: New pic! Yeah, right!


  1. isnt jay a dude’s name?

  2. Someone in Pittsburgh needs to go follow some links…;)

  3. yeah, man! follow a link! ;)

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