Kitty Power

Of Sitting and Cigarettes

Browsing Friendster Friday night, I saw a post from Jay asking if anyone wanted the extra tickets he had to a Chappelle’s Show taping. I jumped for it, mostly to give K a second chance at it since he missed out Thursday. Alas, it wasn’t to be, but I went anyways and had a fun time at the show and hanging out. That brings my grand total of potential appearances to 3. If you see a girl with a Kangol and a black sweater or a super bright ass dark blue one covering her face with her hands and looking like she’s about to die from laughing in an ep, it’s probably me. Thanks again, Jay!
I ended up going to Sapph a lot more than I would’ve liked this weekend. I need another weekend destination. I really can’t stand being there. This one was especially bad with it seeming like all the corporations having their holiday party afterparties there. I was getting trampled with my pretty new sneakers despite staying as close to the wall as I possibly could. Fuckers. I can’t stand a sloppy drunk and a roomful of them in your face wasn’t fun. Then again, haxards of hanging out in a you know, bar, so take this complaining with a grain of salt.
What was good about being there was that I’m getting my promoting stuff all set up. In a few weeks, I’ll be official. Meanwhile, the soon to be partners are introducing me around and integrating me in their circle. I’m looking forward to getting it off the ground.
Last night, Rissa and I ended up crossing signals and I went off to 419 to hang in a more sedate environment after feeling like I was gonna snap when the umpteenth bitch busting out of her clothes got in my face with her breath reeking of alcohol to ask me if I was waiting in line for the bathroom. Though it’s ridiculous and will get me in the poorhouse faster, I’m beginning to like places where I can buy a drink with my card without being forced to have a tab mininum and drink 4 because I’m too lazy to pull out money. A bad sign for the night was that I was in the mood for whiskey sours. As I’ve said, I hate whiskey. And for the record, I don’t like beer either, but I’ve reached the state that if the night is wearing on and I’m on a bender, I’ll get one because I hate the stuff and it’ll slow me down. That pretty much backfired because I inhaled it and bought another one. Oops.
Proving myself as a random magnet, I got to talking with this kid. He looked vaguely familiar to me and I couldn’t figure out why. Then it hit me, he’s like the doppleganger of Shady, albeit better looking and less of a pompous prick. To be on the safe side, I asked he was related/knew him. I’ve had quite enough of connections randomly leading to that guy, thanks. Thus began the descent into the randomness with too many cigarettes (I still smell like an ashtray over 12 hours later) and a surprise text message giving me instructions to an afterhours at this swingers’ club/supposed Sopranos-style people hangout (that’s gonna be hell to explain if I ever get into politics) in Midtown and somehow waking up in the mid-afternoon in Hoboken. Sorry, no more details than that, except for the fact I’ve now got “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” stuck in my head. But believe me, it’s a doozy and I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.
The one thing that worried me was realizing I was wearing my new sneakers in fucking blizzard type conditions. I considered putting plastic bags over my feet, but I resisted the urge and luckily I spent most of my time underground. Outside, I hopped about quickly and ran for cover. How the fuck would I clean canvas mixed with leather if I got them dirty anyways? This is really looking like a questionable purchase.

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