Kitty Power

For A Bit of A Break


Should I be worried that on the eve of New Year’s Eve I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing to ring in 04 yet?


  1. probably but i only realized today that nye wasnt a week away like i thought it was but indeed tomorrow… im thinking of curling up with my $3 bottle of roget (it was on sale) and calling it a night.

  2. If you are still sans plan for NYE, you should come with me to see Mates of State / Versus at NorthSix. Great times to be had.

  3. I’ll be out, natch, because I just am, but Jay, you just reminded me about champagne. I should continue my nostaglia kick and go pick up some Andre at the local liquor store. They are running a 2-4-1 special after all!

  4. i just found out my plans this morning
    it involves alcohol and dvds.
    i’ll take pictures.

  5. Oh shit, Bill’s going to the wild party! Don’t hurt yourself!
    And Jenny, I think a concert might be a little too contained. I’ll be running on a lot of alcohol and nervous energy. I’ll need space to roam.

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