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Kinda Sad

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If I admit that the most exciting thing I can think to do on this Saturday night is to sit at home in my sweat pants and hoodie and contemplate a blog resign, would that make me lamer than I feel? It’s easy not to feel so bad when I when I tell myself that I can’t think of a reasonable alternative since tonight’s line up of activities is kinda weak and I do want to kill the remnants of this cold once and for all.
For once, I don’t lack the money or people who are up to roll, I’m just…blah. I’m comfortable and lacking the motivation to make a scenery change. Still, Grandmastah H and I have been playing phone tag for two days now and I can anticipate getting dragged out into the world with a call. Perhaps I’ll turn my phone off. I just feel like vegging for a change. And laughing to myself about how even stone cold bastards get nicer Friendster testimonials than me.

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  1. I’m sitting at home, vegging with my codeine cough syrup. You’re no more a loser than I, but at least I have drugs. ;)

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