Kitty Power


Sometimes I just amuse myself. Every once in a while, I regress to ninth grade. I find it endearing. Though I talk a good game, I definitely have the tendency to be awkward around the male sort. That was formed mostly because when kids that went somewhere besides my high school were branching off into dating or at least had friends that were, my rag tag bunch of friends and I were stuck in the “dirty minded but clean behavior” category. In ninth grade, we would always cry “nasty double meaning!” but we’d be more willing to kiss the floor than another person.
So, while stuck up here and perusing the summer directory, I came across the name of one of my end of the year friends. He and I had worked together the whole year but became really close as he finished up his thesis and came back on the social scene with a vengeance and I was out and about because that’s what I do instead something useful like what I’m supposed to. I found him super amusing and he fit the mold of my guy friend. I tend to befriend the boys who have sex appeal in spades and are always out pleasing their female fans. I, being that cool dude in a girl’s body, tend to get the salacious details and some insight into the inner workings of boys — along with bad influences plus tips/tricks/habits that get tested out on unsuspecting males, but that’s another story. There’s a line between confidante and potential that I’m always careful to observe. That pesky curiosity buoyed temptation will fuck stuff up if given the chance, but I’m good about following my self imposed rules.
Until now maybe. I’m tempted. We haven’t seen each other yet, but who knows? Life is indeed a lot easier when school isn’t in session (though the conversion of Wes into a pseudosummer camp is kind of frightening. Too many little kids running around here) because the grapevine matters a whole lot less. Naturally of course, nothing’s probably going to happen. I tend to be upright and noble in the most inopportune moments.
ETA: When I’m right, I’m right. I know myself and I kept it platonic as fuck. I think at times I actually made myself shift so I wouldn’t be so close on purpose and had closed body language all over the place. A rule is a rule. *sigh*

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