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Happy Fucking New Year!

We convinced PrincessNella to join us in our neighborhood to ring in the new year with the neighbor friends. She, Ant, and I went to KateBklyn's place where we saw most of the crew and Cupcake and drank and watched the fireworks and made merry. It was an awesome time and I always feel good about starting the New Year with friends.

Because I'm me, in the wee hours of the night, I was ready to keep the party moving. PN and Ant were off to bed and I was flying solo. I traipsed myself across Brooklyn via cab to go this warehouse party somewhere in Bushwick. It was crazy, crowded, and everyone was basically drunkenly hooking up where they stood, but I was amused. I got in for free (yay!), drinks were $3, and I even had some hijinks. Dude who invited me there is one of the cutest guys in NYC and when we saw each other, we made the move to do the kiss on the cheek and just missed. And kissed right on the lips. He grinned and I grinned and shrugged and said "happy new year!" Awesome. There was also my bathroom mishap where I was minding my business and wondered what that weird smell I detected was. Oh, it was just my purse on fire! I jumped up all "holy shit!" and dumped water on my charred straps. (This year is 2 days old and I'm already super slicker!) Later on, I'm chatting with the guy again and I'm like "this party is crazy! I'm setting my shit on fire because I'm retarded!" and we're talking about something or another and he said the phrase that'll usually make a single girl's blood run cold: "Oh, that's funny. My girlfriend says the same thing!" I'm pretty sure I made a face. Ah well. Flirting him is just fun regardless. But, I was pretty much done with the place after that and navigated my cheap ass home on 2 trains and a bus and got home around 7:30am.

I wasn't doing shit most of New Year's Day. I rolled out of bed after 2 and jumped on my computer like the addict I am. Some long buried random IMed me -- just like he did while the transit strike was going on -- all "hey, want to hang out?" you know in that sweaty naked sense. And my general response was "eh..." and I instead spent about 12 hours hanging out with my neighbor friends. A girl's gotta have priorities.

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