Sunday Sessions

This weekend was rather boring and I thought it was great. Staying around the house/area for long periods of time is still a novelty thing. My main highlights were making the pilgrimage to Western Beef, dragging Ant to National Wholesale Liquidators, finding sour mix at Key Food, and finally finding the window shades I wanted at Target. Low key is especially good since this coming weekend is going to be a monster. The housewarming party is Saturday and that means we've got about five days to whip the place into shape. I'm still waiting on my bed(!) to arrive and our extra room is still a shoe/storage bin glorified closet. And there's always the wonder at how we're gonna fit the 70-something folks we invited in here if at least half show up. But, I'm making cake and we're having enough refreshments to drop an elephant, so it should be all good.

I watched the Grammy Awards natch. The good: Alicia Keyes, Usher, Southern rock medley, Queen Latifah's performance, Mavis Staples (first part) and the Blind Boys, Joss Stone and Melissa Ethridge (though I couldn't help but gasp when I saw her), Green Day. Meh at the rest -- especially "I guess we'll never know what I would've done -- cause I'm a winner!" He actually had me halfway happy for him for a split second until he let the ego back out the cage. That Across The Universe was terrible. Norah Jones is so awkward on the stage that it's really hilarious. Does she do her "uhh...I'm uncomfortable...don't look at me" shtick for her performances also? Fucking Black Eyes Peas...they didn't win anything for Let's Get Retarded I hope. Just seeing them annoys the shit out of me. I saw them in 97/98 at Roseland on the Snocore Tour (check this lineup: DJ Spooky, Black Eyed Peas, Soul Coughing and Everclear!) and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Their old singer was amazing and they were great performers. I can't even recognize them anymore and having an 80s Disney channel reject as a singer is even worse. The weird: Gwen Stefani looking like a shipwrecked pirate wench, the Franz Ferdinand singer guy's hair (He looked like a German Jimmy Fallon), Scott Weiland who might actually look better on drugs, Jack White looking like the undead taller Ryan Man Man, how on point the characterization of Joe Adams was in the movie Ray. I loved Ray Charles, but the sweep was a bit much. I prophecized to Ant that by the summer Jamie Foxx will be releasing a record and he'll be all over the music stations. (ETA: Was I right? Or was I right?)

There was a strange bit actually. I was hanging out with Faiks and we met up with some older Wes kids. I was being introduced to one when he was like "ohh...hey, we've met before...I'm [Crackhead]'s friend!" My eyes narrowed so quick. It was interesting that he pegged me after all these years, but it just annoyed me when he introduced me to someone else as friends with Crackhead. "Not friends per se..." I said, cautiously. Fucking weird. The paranoid in me knows that he was chomping at the bit to tell him later about the encounter. The hate is resimmering just below the surface, but as long as I don't run into that fool, all is well. But, I probably just jinxed myself...NYC is ridiculously small when you don't want it to be.


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