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The "gotta fill the empty space, dammit!" edition.

Two super fresh links courtesy of TMFTML: Some diamond ads that would have them flying out the stores, until men remember that they'll still be frustrated and out a few Gs. Such is life in the big city, boys. And the book Jay-V and I could've written blindfolded -- without that pesky overthrown the capitalist pigs sentiment.

And this one isn't web based so much as a media critique, but all over the net people are hyping the Barack Obama speech last night at the DNC. And I listened to 880 News this morning, hoping to hear a bit because I missed it. I think I heard the same soundbites from Dean, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and Ron Reagan Jr. about 4 times but no Obama. It's like it never happened. Isn't that interesting?

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go to my site. I have the audio and video of the speech. ;)

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