Two new blogs that I stumbled across while reading entertainment news. Is he actually a semi-famous actor? Perhaps. Do I give a shit? Not really. It's got a nice beat and I can dance to it...erm, it's entertaining reading. This one is the musings of a PR person in the world of porn, also hella interesting -- plus with some nakedness for you porno buffs.

I was reading Sugar Magazine earlier when I was struck at the style of this young lady. Her words are so vibrant, they just pop off the page! She's a master chronicler of the social world, she's..oh wait, that's me. Nevermind. Let me stop patting myself on the back before I hurt something.

Kanye West joins with Jacob the Jeweler to make a line of crimes against vision religious themed jewerly such as this seen here. Nothing says being humble and giving to praise to Jesus like extreme tacky ostentatiousness. What's that noise I hear? I think it might be the tide turning. But, what do I know? I'm just a hater. [via All Hip Hop]


Congrats on the article. Rance and Val Kilmer share the same birthday.... A connection perhaps?

I am very much interested in purchasing the new Jesus pendant that Kanye West has made please email me the price of this and the various stores that it is located at. I was also wondering if it comes in different sizes.....

Jacob the Jeweler ... got ho's ?
Beverly Hills Pimps and Ho's

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