A Little Comedy With A Side of Bitter

Yesterday, my week was torpedoed even further with a newsflash from Shady. He got a cushy ass job in one of my targeted industries (which he admittedly could not give two shits about) at a higher salary than I've resigned myself to expect. The friendship? Is over. Back to hatred as usual. Bitterness has been radiating off me like waves ever since. Fucker. And for the record, I told him that I hated him, but he didn't believe me. Apparently my sarcastic voice is easily mistaken for my serious one. That's not my fault though.

In trying to redirect those feelings, I found myself on an exercise kick. Instead of punching the wall and screaming, I did some pushups and lunges. PrincessNella dragged me out the house for complaining and a walk around the park and the greater Jamaica area. My fat ass thanked me for the movement. She and I are brainstorming the summer move, but thinking of new ways to get my ass employed beforehand.

The best part of yesterday was the TV. A little South Park, some Chappelle's Show and Sopranos encore before being drawn in my awesomeness that is VH1 Classics and InDemand. I watched Old School and laughed my ass off. A thousand apologies to Russ for ever doubting that I wouldn't like it. Even if Will Ferrell is in it. I forgot that guy did Road Trip. That was my shit a few years back. On VH1 Classics, "Eyes Without A Face" by Billy Idol. It's impossible for me to watch any video of his without thinking back to that SNL sketch from the 80s that noted he "sing[s] like Bing, but looks like Sting" to the tune of that song.

I found myself waking up on my own circa 8:40 and feeling super dazed. It's been a good while since I've seen that side of noon. Imagine my surprise when the phone rang and I got sent on a temp adventure. Today as a receptionist, I've discovered that I'm the stupidest person alive because I can't transfer calls and open doors without internal spazzing. Lovely. At least it's nice outside so far.


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