Since I'm all warmed up...

Since I'm all warmed up for ranting, this dispatch is especially funny to me because Random and I were talking about this the other week...amusingly enough, the night of that currently infamous kiss (you know what I'm talking about. I'll just say the one from an MTV show because I don't feel like dealing with hits). The "Girls Gone Wild" syndrome. I was at this bar minding my business about a month back. They have this basement where there are metal railings about where you can stand up from the floor. It never failed that if the space was empty for more than five minutes, some girl and her equally drunken friends would walk up to the poles and start grinding up against them or each other. What is it about liquor and certain girls (now, I've got to admit that I'm kinda biting my tongue to not say white girls, but truthfully, that type of thing knows no color. When I was DC, I saw some shit in a cage that amazes me to this day) that make them so determined to live out those stripper fantasies? It's really a personal pet peeve of mine, that fake sexuality. Twitney embodies so much of it. Look at me, I'm perky! I'm kinda naughty...but not too naughty because I'm a good Christian girl who listens to my mama and goes to church. I'll blow you when she turns her back after the service though! It's so empty. She probably sucks at sex too with all that bullshit repression. Her idea of a good time is probably to lie there as he does whatever, making those sounds like they showed her to in the porn all the while. She probably hasn't even had an orgasm...or knows what that means. She probably has been indoctrinated to not listen to those dirty words...just coo in a sexy voice: "I'm not a girl, yet not a woman. Should I put on my school girl outfit?"

Yes, I'm hating. That Blowup Barbie sexuality sets women back. She's got the mindset of those kids who think "if he pulls out when we're having sex, I can't catch anything" or "me sucking his dick isn't sex. Besides he took me to the movies, so I owe him." Abstenance only education is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard, especially since most of those hypocrites were screwing up a storm as teenagers I'll bet. Kids have hormones and they're gonna use the equipment whether they're taught to or not. Sex is a natural part of life and that fake "oops, I had no idea this wet clear shirt would be sexy" garbage is making things a lot more confused than they have to be.


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