Last night was great. I'm mad backlogged with stories though, so this is days worth in one:

1. Observed phenomenon with a disclaimer: I hate trucker hats. I think they're ugly and almost universally unflattering. Not to mention most people just look stupid in them. With that said, a good-looking guy can only look exponentially better in one. I've had my sneer turned into a slack-jawed stare more times than I care to admit in the past couple of weeks. Damn. Is it possible to institute a rule that unless you're some certified eye candy, leave those hats alone?

2. I'm starting to feel annoyed. I've got a pesky 5...or maybe 7...pounds making my life miserable. I'm all for pinchable chubby cheeks (on my face, perv), but buddha belly and too much booty for the pants inching over moderation equals a miserable Candicissima. And God knows, the last thing I need is to convince myself that nothing in my closet fits and spend the money I don't have out to buy a new outfit for Tuesday. Blah. And I'm too busy to go to the gym.

3. Though I say, I'm hip-hopped out, my official songs for the summer are "Flipside," "Frontin'" and "Get Down (Like A Pimp)." I don't even care if it's wrong for me to be with my hands in the air singing that I'm going to "scoop bad bitches like Haagen Dazs." I think that's a clever ass line really and sinceI've still got a month or so left of summer and bitch is one of those equal opportunity words, you can bet I will.

4. Last night was great -- despite my boredom text to Jay and Hani not wanting to hang out with me *sniff* (I kid). I went to Smithfield's for their supposedly ladies' half off night and spent $5 on an Amaretto Sour. That's straight up BS. $10 drinks at a place that looks like a frat party hangout? Smithfields gets the gasface. I strolled over to Sapphire then and everyone was like "you're here so early!" That was advantageous to me because I got 5 drinks just sitting there minding my business at the party chatting. It pays to be a regular, man. Then I danced my ass off and on my way home found $10. Good times.


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