October 21, 2005

Before I Turn Around And Burn This Motherfucker Down!

People, there's going to be Trapped In The Closets up to Chapter 12 and I just found about this today?! WTF?! Well, that tells me I should've been doing less work and more blog reading this week. Hot damn, Christmas is coming early this year!

I'm confused because I haven't heard the new ones yet though. Is the VMA debuted Chapter 6 totally irrelevant and nonexistant now? Or does MTV need a fact checker -- along with a bitch slap for letting their intern (if it's not, then they're more pathetic than I think) write some bullshit "feature" by asking Fall Out Boy what they think of the song. To reference lyrics from a favorite song of the moment (!!!, "Dear Can"), like I give a motherfucking shit! Then again, it could be worse. They could've asked this annoying bastard what he thinks. "Well, I moved to New York a few months ago and I hear R. Kelly blasting from the cars, but I'm not really feeling him. It might be some of the NYC scenester stuff. I'm an outsider, you know. I'd rather keep it gully and 'mock' it all while talking out of my ass. Did I mention I'm a douche?"

Posted by Candicissima at October 21, 2005 01:19 PM

I swear I think I've seen one of the guys from Animal Collective on a Law & Order episode!

Posted by: tv at October 22, 2005 09:32 AM