October 22, 2005

Let's Hit The Dancefloor, I'll Show You How To Do My Dance

One of the things that make this town so great is that with a little initiative combined with the art of randomness, you can sometimes just be in the right place at the right time. Last week was running all around all over the place. Alex was in the tail end of his whirlwind trip and we palled around like it was '01 and we were back in his old kitchen at 68 High. We were deconstructing the present entanglements and cautioning each other to get to know the kid and not go nuts. Easier said than done obviously.

That Monday night, I dragged myself through the rain over to the Bowery for the Jamie Lidell/Four Tet show. Going to shows is one of those things that can function on a timetable now like the commute to work. In the mornings I know if I leave somewhere between 8:30-8:45, I can get to my desk around 9:10-9:15. Later than that, it's pushing 9:30. With shows, if the doors open at 8. 1st act goes on about 9. 2nd act about 10. Headliner should be taking the stage about 11 and wrapping up a little before 12:30ish. It becomes second nature at a certain point.

Anyways, I walk up and start fumbling around for my card case to remove my ID. I got there the same time as these bunch of tall dudes and I hope weakly that it's not one of those shows where it's the redwoods towering over a little bush like me. I get a look at their faces and do an inner double take. Well, I'll be. Tourmates stick together. Now, I'm still obsessed with that fucking bag and I was mentally preparing for ambush when I lost sight of them downstairs and set myself to the show time wandering. I made it upstairs in time for Jamie to take the stage.

Oh, he was great. He's a certified nutter. But, I was kinda disappointed because I'd read all this stuff in an email about him touring with a live band -- missing the in Europe part (I'm gonna be cooking with grease when I take the GREs in a few months!) -- because it was just him solo with a big old table of electronics and a mic. He strolled out like a flasher in a trenchcoat, taking it off after a while to reveal this bizarro gold robe thing (which would've been familiar if I had watched the video for Multiply before today). He did "What's The Use" twice, which is okay since it's my favorite and was different each time, and live sample his beatboxing and such before singing over it. Hilarious to me was when he got all noodly with a song and broke out into something that was sounding a bit tech-house-ish and the kids in front of me had this look of horror in their faces like "ohmigod, is that techno? Hold me, I'm scared!"

Set over, I wandered downstairs to the merch table. The scavengers had picked it clean, but I glanced at this Koushik (the first opener that I missed) mix. I ended up in a convo with the merch chick. I'm semi-notorious among my friends for having a fair amount of stories that go "we were just talking and drinking and whatever. I dunno what happened. I didn't think he'd make a move...it was so out of the blue" disingenuously. So, I'm standing there talking to her and I'm like "did I just do the head tilt? Why am I still here? Why did I just buy a CD? I haven't bought a CD in almost two years! Oh what the fuck...am I flirting with her?" And I just walked away and decided to stop with the G'n'Ts.

I got back upstairs in time for the Four Tet set. I was there loving it because Kieran yay!, but after watch him stare intently at his laptop screen and punch a few sampler buttons for about 10 mins, I was over it and went back to wandering. I perched near the bar (okay...maybe I had one more...) and noticed the dude from Battles standing near my left. I was all "hey" and he said "hey."
"I've got two stupid and really random questions to ask you. First, I should know this, but is it PREE-fuse or PREH-fuse? I heard someone say it a way I thought was weird so now I'm confused."
He was like, "uh, I think it's PREH-fuse." (Well, I've been saying it wrong apparently for like ever! Someone revoke my fan pass!)
"Hmm..okay. The second, I'm a little obsessed with the 'I Have Battles In My Life' bag. Where can I get one?"
"Heh. People ask us that all the time. We don't have any more."
"No more? Nooooo....but why?"
"Well, we're not on tour."
"Can't you just make one? I really, really need that bag! I'm obsessed. I've got a website where I've written a lot about it. Google it, you'll see." Ladies and gentleman, I've officially jumped the shark. I'm now a Stupid Blogging Asshole...well, in a literal sense compared to occasionally like before.
"We might start selling them on our website soon."
"What's soon?"
"Like, two or three weeks."

The bag journey is coming to an end! We chatted for a few more mins and then he trotted off. I tried to get back into the set, but I got bored again and left.

Wednesday, I was off to Rothko which was packed beyond belief. Luckily for me, I avoided a CMJ door drama repeat and had bought my ticket in advance. I got into the main room and didn't have enough room to breathe, let alone see. Standing by the doorway, I spied a dude with the fucking Battles bag and eyed him hard, weighing the options of waiting vs. the Brooklyn bumrush. And then I thought to myself...oh shit, I know that dude. I strolled over and asked, "did you get that bag on tour?" "Yeah, how'd you know that?" "I went to both shows here in town." Chatter about crap interrupted by people not-so-politely crossing through. It was funny to watch as Jamie made his way through the crowd to take the stage and they kicked it for a minute. Then, the show started and I was boxed into the corner standing on my tippy toes for a quarter of a sightline. Not a good look.

Dude tapped me on the shoulder and gestured I follow up the semi-hidden ladder stairs to the second level near the sound booth. Nice! I spied !!! members (an offshoot of their's was the opener. What I saw I wasn't too crazy about...) and folks that I run into all the time. Oh, how different my life would be if I had a whit of networking skills and ambition! He got a kick out of me asking the name of the "you gotta be karate fucking kidding me!" song and he replied something that I can't remember no matter how hard I try, but it's gonna be on the new album, so woo! Sadly, that's my show highlight because I wasn't feeling Jamie at all. Apparently, he and Four Tet were paired for a less obvious reason: as live performers, they're better in smaller doses. He's always doing something on stage (which is interesting), but I couldn't have been any less captivated by the show overall. It all ended up noodly and stretching on for mins longer than it needed to. More than 45 mins of a set for him is just a waste. I left before the show was over, even though I knew the encore would probably be "Multiply" again and I do really like that song. Ah well.

In continuing the present "annoying performances from your favorites" kick, I went to that event I was excited enough to note with a big ass graphic the other day. Dude kinda hovered around the edges not doing anything which was a bit dumb. Hello, Mr. Headliner, get your ass on a fucking turntable...you're billed as performer, not a goddamned host. I was pissed. Especially since I dragged the boy and Farmer down with sheer force of will and unflagging enthusiasm. Wack. But hot damn, free drinks will never go out of style! From there we wandered around the neighborhood, checking out this house drink at Bembe that was grainy yet awesome and catching a performance at Black Betty. And then I got home at almost 5 to get back up at 7:30 (didn't happen) and wanted to kill myself at work all the next day. Good times.

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