January 12, 2005

Just To Be Peevish

Jamirakid: hey there
jsmooth995: hey watsup
Jamirakid: i left a comment in the "facing hip hop love addiction" post
jsmooth995: oh cool
Jamirakid: it was kinda flip because i can't really write long comments like everyone else at work an all
Jamirakid: but what i would clarify with time is: why does the problem of disillusionment with hip hop music/culture have to be one of those "old head" problems?
Jamirakid: it seems like the young ones all caught up in "y'all are old and don't get it" are kinda reluctant to admit they're living a hellhole
Jamirakid: hence stockholm syndrome
Jamirakid: i base that more on just observations/incidental eavesdropping of kids than the back and forth blog convos
jsmooth995: yeah that may be true, i'm looking more at the young and old sides of the disscussion online
jsmooth995: since jeff chang pointed it out
Jamirakid: yeah
Jamirakid: i totally want to jump in but i have no tiem
Jamirakid: *time
Jamirakid: plus the convo is a straight up sausage fest really
jsmooth995: yeah except for lynne
Jamirakid: but she's totally lost in the shuffle going on over at o-dub and your site and hashim's
Jamirakid: heh. two posts in one: stockholm syndrome and the young(ish) hip-hop fan and where the hell are the women at in this conversation?
jsmooth995: do you think it is more male dominated in this case than other big convos?
Jamirakid: well no because generally the sites that focus on hip hop news/happenings/etc are men and lynne
jsmooth995: yeah
Jamirakid: i mean, i listen to as much music as the next person -- probably more -- but i like my blog more as just random bullshit than MY HIP HOP TRUTH which is what most of the guys seem to be aiming for
Jamirakid: no offense
Jamirakid: :)
Jamirakid: i think i'm more worked about the convo because i've read like a hundred different comments spread across posts than because i actually give a shit
Jamirakid: *worked up, that is
Jamirakid: especially since it's all going in a circle now
Jamirakid: "hip hop was real back in my day...well, it felt like it to me!"
Jamirakid: "bump that...shut up, old man, and give me some killa so i can bounce...but i'm no misogynist or whatever"
Jamirakid: *snore*
jsmooth995: hehe.. do you think there's a reason men are more inclined to make that specific focus in their blogs?
Jamirakid: beats the hell out of me. i've been wondering it for a while now
Jamirakid: the sociologist in me is totally curious
jsmooth995: i dunno it thought the comments in o-dub's post went to some interesting places
jsmooth995: mhm
Jamirakid: i also noticed with the guy blogs it's all like some competition
Jamirakid: all the new jacks start off with some hateration and linking to get the attention and then comes the welcoming to the fold
Jamirakid: a la that whole kris ex blog thing
Jamirakid: everyone's so on his jock. what the hell is even talking about half the time?
Jamirakid: i did enjoy the o-dub convo too. but i think y'all have been beating this dead horse for a while
Jamirakid: wasn't it the "are snoop, etc misogynists and does that make me one too?" the other month
Jamirakid: and then "no homo: classic or dud" before that
Jamirakid: sorry...i've been on ILM a lot lately and they do it too
Jamirakid: constant pissing matches blah blah blah
Jamirakid: all you guys are so smart and music experts to the utmost. give yourselves a big pat on the back, but don't strain anything LOL
Jamirakid: sorry. i just feel like being a hater
Jamirakid: that star post you linked to referencing ayn rand(!) inspired me

Posted by Candicissima at January 12, 2005 04:31 PM

aren't Tifanny Trott, Tiny, and Shep female hip-hop bloggers too??

Posted by: Hashim at January 13, 2005 10:52 AM

"bump that...shut up, old man, and give me some killa so i can bounce...but i'm no misogynist or whatever"

wait.. is that me??

Posted by: Hashim at January 13, 2005 10:57 AM

sorry, so many back to back comments...but I didn't know you follow *us* so closely. You know the names, memes, and everything!

and yeah, kris ex is the newer, safer Byron Crawford.

And I don't think this whole thing is about competition as much as it's about community. It's circualr as you say because there's a real conversation happening. And I've personally grown in my understabding because of it.

Posted by: Hashim at January 13, 2005 11:01 AM

Why is it that surprising that I follow it? Don't all of us basically read the same blogs? Just because I'm not saying anything -- well until yesterday -- doesn't mean I have an opinion on it.

I'm not downing the conversation per se, I was just being flip in saying that it's all going around and around in a pissing match. Though occasionally, I do think that. I think it's just a matter of styles. I noticed that *generalization alert* most male bloggers seem to think of their blogs as definitive tomes or something, while female bloggers drop some gems here and there but it's about everything and nothing. I've never heard of Tifanny Trott and now I think I should check her out.

BTW, that quote is attributed to no one in particular.

Posted by: Candicissima at January 13, 2005 12:32 PM

lord help me if I think anything on the blog is definitive! (though I certainly strive to say as much as can be said in the stuff I write for pay, but that's not what we're talking about here.)

Posted by: Matos W.K. at January 13, 2005 05:13 PM

Man, I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'm safe.

Posted by: Bol at January 14, 2005 01:43 AM

Goddamnit, I keep forgetting to write 8 paragraphs about Cam'Ron.

Posted by: Anthony at January 14, 2005 05:36 PM

Might as well save the time and repeat: lame joker until you've got the word count covered.

Posted by: Candicissima at January 14, 2005 05:52 PM