June 12, 2003


Current pet peeve: boys who are shady for no real reason.

Slight story time...there's this kid C who I have an...arrangement with. He just graduated also. and we met last summer at the beginning of my "wild and legal in the city" period. I actually resented the hell out of him then because he can get so pointlessly stupid and evasive, but when he returned from Prague and we reconnected back in January, I also reconfigured my shitty opinion of him. Things have been humming along since then when I'm in NYC until recently. Maybe there's something about summer that just makes him dumb. I hate being left hanging and having to play games with an evasive person that I'm not really sure I care that much about. Perhaps I was internally warm and fuzzy for a min a couple months ago, but so what? It passed.

My least favorite guy behavior has to be the "uh oh...we've been talking deep...and stuff. She must want to be my girlfriend or something. Eek!" mode. Spare me the bullshit. To have known someone for a year and made no efforts to go beyond the same level in all this time would've been a clue to me that I'm obviously not interested in anything more than what's already on the table...if I even want to keep that going. He's heading off to Brussels and school soon enough anyways, but he's currently on my shit list.

Posted by Candicissima at June 12, 2003 04:49 PM