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Growing up, I always heard the old chestnut “just when you think you have the answers, God changes the questions.” I spent a whirlwind 40 days in Amsterdam where I got my (mental) ass kicked, money drained, and hopes dashed at almost every turn, but I loved it because I also made friends, my own way, and plans galore. I ended up coming back to NY a week early to try and scrounge up some holiday work (no dice), but I felt good about my choice to venture out there and especially go back. My last week and a half in Amsterdam, I got a nibble for a job in Frankfurt. Did a video conference interview and then took a trip 4 hours for a second in person one. I walked out of the room feeling really confident about how well it went and then back to Amsterdam for a long weekend before heading back to NY.

I went back there (and the US) at the worst time possible. There was a cop shooting that happened uncomfortably near my apartment and the heavy tense atmosphere made me want to immediately high tail it back to the airport. But, it ultimately ended up being a good rebuilding two months where I figured out that as much as I missed friends and family, I didn’t miss the facsimile of NY now one iota. I was also painfully broke for most of my time and it was a stressful situation. And then once I got a freelance job set up and was beginning to feel like things were picking up, I got an offer from the job in Frankfurt. I accepted life’s curve ball and now here I am, a month and a half into my new life in Germany.

Leaving NY was a bitch because I’m the worst at packing and decided I was only taking two suitcases, my computer bag, and a carry on. I ended up chucking most of the stuff in my old apartment and arranged my cat to follow me the next day, which stretched into a week because United is the worst. But I found an apartment pretty easily and work is interesting yet so challenging. I’ve had some touch and go days since arrival, but having a purpose most days has made this easier than the Amsterdam struggle in some ways. I got my visa squared away before I left NY thankfully and should only have to visit the dreaded Foreigners’ Office briefly to get my final version. Things are pretty okay.

I like feeling like I finally succeeded after years of trying to leave NY. And now a new adventure. The best present for this new year.

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