Kitty Power

Raise Up Your Glass

This is a year that’s kinda flown by at a breakneck speed. It seems especially crowded with rollercoaster weirdness in retrospect, but I’m beginning to think that it just what life is meant to be. Especially in a relentless place like NYC.

I’m feeling good about 2013 overall. I started it on a great (well maybe a little discombobulated) friends note and plan to end it more or less the same way. I accomplished almost everything I wanted to: security in my work and home lives, strengthening all my friendships, and hearing some new and exciting music. The love life kinda the pits but that’s not the end of the world. I’m still considering if I want to leave town and start somewhere else anew or not in the near future. Montreal has been added to the places I can see myself living list. I had a good trip there in March for Osheaga. My only gripe with this year was not nearly enough travelling. My major time off was a staycation and I only spent about 2 days in Montreal. On deck for 2014 though is my return trip to Moogfest in Asheville, a birthday time beach journey (thinking Belize or Costa Rica), and hopefully making my way back to Europe.

Nowadays, I’m thinking a lot about what the future holds in a more concrete way. It’s easy to just float here in NYC. You can live infinitely with roommates and making the bare minimum to get by and have fun with your friends for years. I’ve always had slightly more ambitions (and now an insane amount of grad school loans that I need to make a dent into), so my version of where I wanted to be the past couple of years involved living alone, more space, and a job I don’t (totally) hate to make that all possible. Working to live is not the most exciting, so I’m really dragging out the white paper and markers and trying to think about where I see myself going. Your girl, the night owl, is really not made to sit in an office from 9am every morning. It’s the 21st century and I will create the better way if it doesn’t exist yet.

It’s nice starting a new year with no regrets. I can get a little fitter, be a little less messy, and keep staying positive for 2014. It feels like a good place to be.

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