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There’s definitely some irony that one of the few times I was committed to posting this year, I had to go through a two day password reset odyssey and ultimately code hack just to do it. I was determined.

This weekend, I’m back where this whole thing started: Wes for my 10th college reunion. I started my blog while bored during Senior Week and it kept me amused as I spent a chunk of my summer still on campus working on the yearbook. And then followed me to NYC as I fumbled my way through getting settled in, going to work, and having an ungodly amount of fun as a young girl in the midst of the fun period in town. Time flies when you’re just putting one foot in front of the other and living your life. In many ways, it feels like these 10 years passed overnight, but in others, I feel like I’ve lived 20 lifetimes. I’ve gotten a little slower and wider and have a few strands of gray, but I feel the same inside. I’ve still got that commitment for living a great life on my own terms and as always finding new and interesting music to play to death. I think it’s rare to have lived 10 years without many regrets behind me. It’s been an adventure for sure. Here’s to another 10 years! And hopefully less sporadic updates.

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