Kitty Power

Faraway, So Close


Some days I feel like the city is conspiring to drive me out. And then I’ll turn a corner and think I live in the greatest place on Earth. And I think it’s not NYC, but me.

I’m standing at the crossroads of my life here. Since the end of June, my old apartment has been packed up in a storage unit near the Navy Yard. I finished one sublet and now am in a roommate share situation, both in Bushwick. Still freelancing in Midtown for a mothership like agency. It’s been just over 6 months since graduation. The time has to come to officially figure out what I’m doing with myself.

I’ve been putting in motions to get out of New York intently the past 3 months. Sending out tons of applications to the West Coast, but at this point I’m focused Euro bound. I’ve researched visas intently and applied (and got accepted to) a language school in Paris that supplied me with the pre-registration form I need to get my process started. I even had a job interview in Berlin about a month and a half ago. I walked around (shivering because it’s cold as hell there) and looked at the city with fresh eyes wondering if I could see myself living there. The pluses are the cheap rent, great transit system, lively scene, and already having a boatload of former Brooklyn dwelling friends there. The minuses were the weather and the traditional German food not winning me over. A girl can’t subsist on doner and sushi for too long. Then hopped over to Paris for about 36 hours to scope out the language school and wonder if I could see myself there either. This week is a Skype interview (a new strange experience) for a position in Amsterdam. The only time I’ve been there was passing through the insane Vegas-like Schiphol Airport. We’ll see how it goes for sure. I’ve realistically calculated myself out of here by February 1st. ┬áThis –whatever direction it might be in — is definitely happening.

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